The Holy Laser Meteor Sword is one of the 7 Meteor Sword, commisioned by Lachlan by the Gods Craft Pavilion.

The sword is mad
e from an alloy of divine ore, elemental stone and soul gems, in the centre of the blade are 4 holes, in these holes 4 mini storage orbs.  During the creation of this sword Lachlan used Light elemetal stones in the alloy.


The Holy Laser Meteor Sword is bright blue in colour with a blue grip, at the end of the sword is a clear soul gem, when the sword is empowered with heavenly energy the colour of the gem changes.


The sword has many uses other than just the obvious, by taking a stance with the sword in hand and using some soul force, the weilder is able to unleash devisating attacks. Some attacks to note are.

  • Sword stance 4 -
  • Sword stance 5 -
  • Sword stance 18 -
  • Sword stands 26 -
  • Sword stance 30 -