The Howling Gale Meteor Sword is one of the 7 Meteor Sword, commissioned by Lachlan by the Gods Craft Pavilion.
Howling Gale

The sword is made from an alloy of divine ore, elemental stone and soul gems, in the centre of the blade are four , in these holes four mini storage orbs. During the creation of this sword, Lachlan used Wind elemental stones in the alloy.

The Howling Gale Meteor Sword is Black, at the end of the sword is a clear soul gem, when the sword is empowered with heavenly energy the colour of the gem changes.

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Sword Stances/AttacksEdit

The sword has many uses other than just the obvious, by taking a stance with the sword in hand and using some soul force, the wielder is able to unleash devastating attacks. Some attacks to note are.

  • Sword stance 1 -
  • Sword stance 2 -
  • Sword stance 3 -
  • Sword stands 4 -
  • Sword stance 5 -
  • There are over 32 stances (26 still to come)