The Interspatial box functions the same as an Interspatial Ring but has a much larger storage space of a conventional ring with an internal space of 20 cubic meters. The interspatial box can be found in most upscale hotels used in just the same way as a hotel safe, instead of using a pin to lock the box the room renter uses a blood seal to lock it, only someone who possesses the sealers blood can open the lock.

The box when not in the wall is approximately 50cm high, wide and tall. The colour of the box is dark green and has been thought to be made of jade.

After reaching the heavenly fate realm, a soul detached itself from his soul realm and stored itself in the box. after dying days after this, his soul burst forth from the box which his body grew from giving him a second life. Lachlan later found out that the boxes were created by Emperor Nero to store souls inside for a second chance at life.

After entering the barrier to training the righteous sect, Lachlan created many more boxes and stored them in what he called Soul Halls, he made thousands of these boxes so that as the righteous sect grows there would be enough for all the fighters.