Jade coins are the currency of the 9 worlds, they are small flat circles like regular coins, Unlike the coins of our world jade coins only have 1 denomination, but thanks to Interspatial Rings carrying large amounts of coins isn't difficult.   During an adventure in Myriad Miles Lachlan found a cave with a hidden tunnel where he found 3 large slabs of pure green jade, He used one of the small 3 pieces of jade to commission an artist to create the Nightmare Demon Pot, with the leftover pieces of the first jade slab the artist made million of jade coins which Lachlan split with him 50/50.

After realizing how difficult transactions would be using jade coins individually, Lachlan bought bags of different colours and sizes.

  • Red bags hold one thousand jade coins
  • Green bags hold ten thousand jade coins
  • Yellow bags hold one hundred thousand jade coins

Lachlan used the second jade slab as payment to the dwarves of Westgate City to create the Divine Palace