Myriad Miles is the largest of the 10 planets, it sits at the center of all 10 planets and is widely considered as the trading world, all portals leed to Myriad Miles at where the portals exit 4 great cities were built. The cities were built around a massive stone field which had been around since before people walked on Myriad Miles.

The cities were set out information one to the north another to the south, one to the east and one to the west, each city had a gate which leed into the stone field so each was named after there location. i.e. Northgate City

The stone field that the cities open into is called the cultivation field, This is because the only refined heavenly energy in all 10 worlds is found inside the cultivation field. At the center of the cultivation field is a pyramid with approximately 300 steps,  at the top of the 300 is a barrier stopping ordinary people from climbing higher.

Only a chosen few have ever managed to move past the barrier and see the other side. Passed the barrier is another open field with another pyramid in the center, the pyramid only has a handful of steps but even those chosen few can't make it to the top. in the current cycle (Sixth) only 7 people have made it to the second tier of the pyramid, it is believed that these people are the reincarnations of the Deity experts of the previous cycles.

Northgate cityEdit

Northgate cities portals leed to the human world of Dreamcloud and the Fiery Elf world of xx, because if this mainly humans and fiery elves reside in Northgate city. The 

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