A Demon beast from the Void realm, Lachlan encountered one when shifting to the void realm to escape spirit demon beasts, the one he fought was on the cusp of the Martial Ancestor realm and after killing it he found a demon spirit stone inside of it.  Lachlan integrated the Void Zealot into his soul realm giving him abilities beyond his wildest dreams, using the Inscription cloud Lachlan was able to subdue the Void Zealot even though it great stronger than his soul realm could hold.

Abilities Edit

The Void Zealot under the control of Lachlan has displayed several abilities 

  • Blink - a short-range teleport ability able to be used many times in quick succession, but each jump drains large amounts of soul force
  • Energy Blades - From the knuckle area of each hand a purple energy blade forms, Using soul force the blades can be extended.
  • Void Shift - Allows the Void Zealot to enter the world of the void for short periods of times - after comprehending the Law of the Void cultivation technique, the length of time he can stay in the void world had increased. while in the world of the void Lachlan is able to move freely unobstructed by obstacles in the main world and is able to be completely undetectable, even by the use of soul perception.
  • Invisibility - while unable to use his other abilities while invisible, the void zealot can freely walk around and interact with anything he wishes while invisible, there is no time limit to this ability only that in which he can stay merged with the demon beast. even though he is invisible he can still be smelt or sensed using techniques.
  • Dive Bomb - Not actually an ability but an attack he used once, where he blinked high into the sky above the Behemoth Marlboro and using the energy blades slabbed and slammed the demon beast avatar into the ground.